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04 January 2014


Its 2014 already.  Any achievement in 2013? Personally, both bads & goods. Remarkable year I can say. 2013 brought ups & downs but overall its not a bad year. God bless.

Dear 2014 pls bring more graceful moments, prosperity & happiness along ur way. From a good starter with sister's wedding on this feb I hope thru this year my mins, days & months will doing fine. This is the year where true colours will paint my life. My life begins. My journey starts.

2014 pls bring more good ppl in my life, love, & passion in whatever im doing, succes in whatever I attempt.

A final sem for matriculation. Oh god ease my life.

I wish the best for 2014 & years ahead. Because this is my nineteenth years of life.

Embrace something gross arni.


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