Remind yourself, it's okay not to be perfect. Stay yourself.

28 September 2014

One person.

You know its weird when u still want that one person.
That one who never know what love is. What pain is, how it hurts to miss him so much.
That stupid person.

But after all, despite thousand guys u met, describe it, tall, handsome, perfect 10 sweet talker and all,
u fucked them all just because, u know u have no space nor interest to be given eventhough u know u could at least try.

But u dont. 

u know u will always want him.
His imperfections are what u want to make it perfect.
His smile is what u want to see everyday.
His laugh.
His warmth.
His love.

U know u dont want anybody else.
U know u dont want.

As far as ure growing older, u know u will love him that long time.
Only him.

And even words cant really describe what u love about him.
u just dont know.

Now thts love.